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WorkApp is an integrated App designed for iOS, Android and Web Browsers that combines a number of features to make it easier and simpler for you to conduct business, communicate with people and actively engage with your local community. WorkApp works for Businesses, Communities and individuals alike and there are no fees, charges or commissions payable. You will have to see WorkApp to appreciate the many benefits you can derive from this unique platform.

WorkApp is the only App globally that integrates a number of functions into a single App. Businesses can sell product, advertise their business, list job vacancies and find workers – all for free. Individuals can find vacancies, promote themselves as a worker looking for work, buy, swap, sell new or used goods. Community organisations can promote their services and seek volunteers or club members, promote events and sell tickets. Overlaying all these rich features is a fully functional messaging platform where you can chat with friends and family, send audio, video and photos. No other App currently does all that WorkApp offers.

WorkApp is available now for download Globally from App Store and Google's Play Store. Alternatively you get started with the web version. WorkApp is a single App with features for businesses and individuals alike. Enjoy using your WorkApp.

Registration helps us to manage your data securely. You can register with WorkApp using your Facebook login or by providing an email and password. Registration is free and only takes a minute. Once you are registered, all your data will be available on any device you use. There is no cost for registering or using WorkApp.

The Refresh button is unique to WorkApp and ensures that the Workapp User Community are only receiving the most current and relevant data for their search. We have all been frustrated with search results where we call the person to find that the item is no longer available. WorkApp eliminates that problem. Take a second to refresh your post and get prioritised on the search results. No need to pay to boost your post – simply press the Refresh button.

A registered user in WorkApp can have unlimited Profiles and Posts. A Profile is a persona or entity that the person wishes to promote. This can be one or more businesses or one or more Worker Profiles – tailored for each type of work they seek. Profiles are used ongoing whilst Posts are classifieds, which are temporary and used for listing items for sale, rent or job vacancies and events that have an end date.

Profiles and Posts have varying expiry times depending on the type of profile or post. For example, Business and Community Profiles expire every 30 days while Job & Event Posts expire on the applications closing date or the Event date. All other Posts and Profiles expire in 7 days from the date of last Refresh. You can refresh all Profiles and Posts as often as you like which will boost the listing to the top of search results as well as renew it for a further 7 or 30 days depending on the listing type.

WorkApp currently has PayPal integration to make it easier for buyers to pay sellers. Other payment gateways will be added in future releases. By specifying your preferred payment method in Account Settings, the Buyers will know if you accept PayPal and choose to pay you accordingly. WorkApp does not charge you any fees or commissions and these details are not disclosed to anyone except for payment processing purposes.

WorkApp notifications are sent at predetermined times as a reminder to Refresh your Profiles and Posts. 6am reminder is important for Workers whose profiles expire that day and are still available for work and 12pm is only sent if you haven't refreshed your post or profile by then. We really don't want you to miss out by having your profiles and posts expire.

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